$600 Crater Lake Two-Night Workshop
Added by popular demand!
Crater Lake, Bandon & Oregon Coast Adventure Workshops
See the Milky Way in great detail with your own eyes!
Choose one of the dates above to join Photog Adventures' Brendon Porter & Aaron King for Milky Way!
$600 Crater Lake Two-Night Workshop
Added by popular demand!
Snacks & Drinks while on-site doing Photography
Personal instruction at the camera, critique sessions and post processing sessions during the day while we wait for night to do Milky Way Photography

A Flight to Portland
Travel insurance and personal equipment
Meals during the workshop
Travel NOT available for all 12 (Please contact Aaron if needed)
Hotel Stay at Bandon or Camping Setup at Crater Lake
Alcohol and soft drinks, laundry
         *Upon Request and coordination with Photog Adventures Hotel options can be added to allow price sharing with group. 
WHERE: Bandon, Oregon and Crater Lake NP
WHO: Photographers of ALL skill levels welcome!

FITNESS LEVEL: Everyone! Very minimal uphill walking required at Crater Lake - 100 yards minimal - and at Bandon we walk down to the beach is all.
This Milky Way Adventure will actually include some Landscape Photography! It is just too easy to enjoy a sunset at the beach in Bandon and those really up for it can do a sunrise as well! But you will want to save your energy and be prepared for more sleepless nights at Crater Lake! There we will be doing ALL-NIGHT Timelapses and will watch cameras for those interested but excited to go back to their campsites or hotels and get some sleep. I know Kirk, Brendon and I will be up all night the first Crater Lake night. 

We will be camping or at hotels this adventure but that choice is entirely up to you. 

For this adventure, we can't include the hotels as we will be adjusting to weather LAST MINUTE as well as the cost of the hotels is too much to put on everyone's shoulders. Many have already expressed a desire to camp out for this adventure, so we are not splitting the costs of hotel stays between all of us. 

At Crater Lake Hotel options are around an hour away from the park, so plan accordingly if you need a rental car to get you between your AirBNB or Hotel.

In Bandon we have a VERY easy set of options for Hotels to stay at and some camping options. Look for an email from us about our location in Bandon to help make your decision on where you want to stay. 

While we are not providing Van Transportation like our Utah Workshops, Brendon, Kirk and I WILL be renting a single 7-Passenger Van which means there will be space for four to join us. This will be first-come-first-serve on providing travel for anyone wanting to avoid the costs of rental and gas. 

Anyone else will need to rent a vehicle or come in their own vehicle. 

Those FOUR - if any - that join us in the van will need to meet up at the Portland Airport Tuesday morning by 10am. Otherwise, we meet as entire group in Bandon for dinner at 7pm, location to be discussed as a group before the workshop.

This workshop is an opportunity to do Milky Way Photography in two AWESOME locations with varied methods to the capture the Milky Way out over the ocean or out over a very very DARK sky at Crater Lake National Park. 

Depending on weather, we will start typically at Bandon our first two nights of the workshop. In Bandon, we enjoy a sunset then get a few hours of sleep before getting out for the early morning Milky Way over the brilliant beach of Facerock State Scenic Viewpoint. Light painting the Sea Stacks is an amazing and brilliant view for the vertical June Milky Way. You will love it! 

Then after two nights of Bandon Sunsets and Milky Way, we drive the 4 hours to Crater Lake National Park. There - if we are lucky - you will experience one of the BEST DARK SKIES that are to be had over such an amazing and unique foreground of a high altitude lake of blue water in the crater of an extinct volcano! 

You WILL be adding Milky Way images to your Photography Portfolio on this trip! You will love it! 

If you have any questions, please get in touch by email at aaron@PhotogAdventures.com.
Listen to the Podcasts above to hear stories about our trips to Oregon Coast and Crater Lake!
If clouds cause any problems we will move locations or add Landscape Photography to the plans to make the best use of our time out here. 
  •  Day 1: Arrival at Bandon, Oregon. Check in to your hotels or campsite. 
  •  5pm-7pm Group Dinner somewhere in Bandon near the Beach. Work on some initial camera settings, focus and Photopills instruction.
Night 1: Bandon, Oregon
  • Day 2: Still at Bandon, Oregon. During the day work on Post-Processing of our previous nights images and do lots of Photography Instruction. If on the Oregon Coast trip we will leave Bandon in the morning and head to Cook's Chasm by Thor's Well, Heceta Head Lighthouse or any other place that offers us our best skies for the evening.
Night 2: Bandon or other Coastal City
  • Day 3: After some needed sleep at Bandon, we will leave by lunchtime to get out to Crater Lake. It is a 4-hour drive there so plan time to leave Bandon giving you plenty of time to arrive before dark. You can still find us in the dark if you go to the coordinates I will share later, but it is easier to be certain during daylight. 
  •  9pm  BLUE HOUR shot of Crater Lake for doing a Time Blended Milky Way of the Lake. Images shown below are NOT time-blended and have ZERO lighting! Crater Lake still looks magnificent with starlight only!
Night 3: Crater Lake
  • Day 4: Sleep after a long night of Milky Way Photography. Free day to do as you please until we group up for dinner and instruction at 6pm. 
  •   5pm-7pm Final instruction and post-processing help at the Lodge. 
Night 4: Crater Lake
  • Day 5: Our Adventure is over. From Crater Lake it is 5 hours depending on traffic to get back to the Portland Airport if you got that direction. Otherwise we will say our goodbyes from Crater Lake that night and hope to be out under a Milky Way with you again soon!
What do you bring?
Milky Way Photography is awesome but VERY COLD so come ready for it! This is what we recommend to take with you:
  • Camera and lenses, multiple batteries
  •  Tripod (REQUIRED!) make sure it is STURDY enough
  •  Lenses you need are anything from 8mm-30mm and with the largest aperture possible! f1.2 to f3.5 are great options! Bring your 50mm, and anything else you would like. Just don't forget your widest and largest aperture lenses at home!  
  •  Head lamp with a RED LIGHT and white light
  •  Really Warm outdoor clothing for staying warm during the coldest hours of night and standing in the wind!
    SNOW PANTS are a fantastic option for keeping warm!
  •  Laptop for post-processing (Lightroom & Photoshop)
What else is there to know?
What is the plan for arriving and meeting up?
You need to get yourself to Bandon, Oregon by 5pm Day One of the workshop. Whether you fly in to Portland Airport like Brendon and Aaron will or drive in from your home state, be sure to get to Bandon, Oregon by 5pm to have dinner as a group at the location Aaron and Brendon will let you know about before the workshop.
Will I need my own vehicle?
This workshop we will not be providing Two Vans for everyone! YOU NEED YOUR OWN TRANSPORTATION! Many have already asked if they can bring their own car and campers, so we are only renting one van at this time. Please let Aaron know right after registering for the workshop if you would like to be one of those four people in our van. We will work with the group to make sure everyone is taken care of.
Are you excited to join Photog Adventures out at the Milky Way?!
Choose one of the dates above to join Photog Adventures' Brendon Porter & Aaron King for Milky Way!
$600 Crater Lake Two-Night Workshop
Added by popular demand!
Strong green air glow visible at Crater Lake National Park in June 2018
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