Goblin Valley, Goosenecks & Natural Bridges Adventure Workshop
See the Milky Way in great detail with your own eyes!
Choose one of the dates above to join Photog Adventures' Brendon Porter & Aaron King for Milky Way!
All transportation during the trip
Dutch Oven Dinner & Dessert at Goblin Valley the first evening
Snacks & Drinks while on-site doing Photography
Personal instruction at the camera, critique sessions and post processing sessions during the day while we wait for night to do Milky Way Photography

A Flight to Salt Lake City
Meals during the workshop
Hotel Accommodation CAN BE ADDED*
Travel insurance and personal equipment
Alcohol and soft drinks, laundry
         *Upon Request and coordination with Photog Adventures Hotel options can be added to allow price sharing with group. 
WHEN: Dates for APRIL & MAY
WHERE: Goblin Valley State Park, Goosenecks State Park & Natural Bridges National Monument
WHO: Photographers of ALL skill levels welcome!

FITNESS LEVEL: Most locations will involve a short walk. The longest hike will be at Natural Bridges down to Owochomo Bridge and it is merely a .3 Mile hike. It is down an easy path with great rock steps to make it easy on everybody. 
While this trip has VERY minimal hiking/walking to our locations, we will spend 1-2 nights outside camping in the cold in sleeping bags and tents provided by us. 

If camping out under the stars at the Goosenecks isn't your idea of fun, then look into our Hotels ONLY workshops at Escalante, Oregon or the Salt Flats. If they are not available yet, keep an eye on PhotogAdventures.com/adventures

This workshop is designed to give you an opportunity to do Milky Way Photography in three different locations with varied methods to the capture. 

At Goblin Valley we will do Low-Level Lighting and capture the Milky Way and Foreground in ONE IMAGE but also give you the opportunity to try your hand at capturing a BLUE HOUR capture, keep your camera and tripod in position and wait for the Milky Way to get in position and capture your sky shot. Then we will show during the workshop how to blend those together using Lightroom and Photoshop.

At Goosenecks, we have very little challenge getting our composition but we have to blend two different time periods with light on the river below critical to our composition. We will arrive early enough to capture the light on the river, or stay long enough the morning after to get light on the river. The composition of your night time shot and foreground daytime shot is a VERY simple process. 

The last place is Natural Bridges National Monument and it is a recognized Dark Sky Site by the International Dark Sky Association. The Owochomo bridge is an easy .3 mile hike down to it from the parking lot and will be hardest hike we go on all trip. Through light painting, we will see the bridge and will not need to blend any other images together. 

At night four we will choose as a group one of the locations we have been to try again or if weather and clouds ruined one of our spots we will return there that last night. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch by email at aaron@PhotogAdventures.com.
Listen to the Podcasts above to hear stories about our trips to Goblin Valley, Goosenecks and Natural Bridges National Monument!
If clouds cause any problems we will move locations or add Landscape Photography to the plans to make the best use of our time out here. 
  •  Day 1: Arrival at the SLC Airport. Meet together as a Workshop Group at 10am and then leave for our 5-hour drive to Goblin Valley. On the way to Goblin Valley stop by the Buckhorn Wash Pictograph panel. 
  •  Arrive in Green River and check-in to our Hotel and have a short break. Then continue on to Goblin Valley for a Dutch Oven Dinner.
  •  5pm-7pm Dutch Oven Dinner & desert. Camera Settings, Focus and Photopills instruction.
  •  7pm-9pm Scouting for a composition and setup for a capture of a Blue Hour image to create a time blended Milky Way composition.
Night 1: Goblin Valley State Park
  • Day 2: Sleep in a Green River Hotel after a night of Milky Way Photography until check out time. Meet as a group, get a big breakfast and then drive the 3 hours to Goosenecks State Park.
  •  Arrive at the Goosenecks State Park by 3pm and quickly setup tripods and cameras to capture a shot of the River with light on it still. If we arrive too late, we will wait until the light is on the river the following morning so we can composite the images together to make our final shot. 
  •  3pm-5pm Setup Camp. Sleeping pads, sleeping bags and tents will be provided.
  •  5pm-8pm BBQ Brats & Salad for Dinner. Go over camera settings, methodology to multiple time exposure process, post-processing tutorial with previous nights images. 
Night 2: Goosenecks State Park 
  • Day 3: With the Sun blinding us by 6:42am at the Goosenecks, we will likely wake up very early, but no one needs to rush. We have plenty of time. Should we not like our River shots from the day before, we will keep our tripods in place until 11am-Noon to get the shot and then pack up and leave for our 1 hour drive to our hotel in Blanding.
  •  After a long rest at our Hotel in Blanding and group dinner, we will leave about 10pm to drive the 1 hour to Natural Bridges National Monument.
Night 3: Natural Bridges National Monument
  • Day 4: This day is WIDE open! After a good sleep back in Blanding after our night at Owochomo Bridge, we will meet as a group for a Noon Breakfast and decide where we would like to go for our Bonus Night. If weather prevented one of our locations from working out and is cooperating now, we will go to that location. Otherwise, we will choose to remain at Natural Bridges another evening, shoot the Hanksville Royce Bair Milky Way Butte or return to Goblin Valley for a second night!
  •  Once our 4th night destination is decided, we will drive out to that location and setup camp or hotel depending on the spot.
Night 4: Bonus location or return to a favorite area
  • Day 5: Our Adventure is over. Once we wake up from our 4th night of Milky Way Photography we will drive everyone back to Salt Lake City and either to your hotels or to the Airport to fly out. We will work on the specifics with every workshop participant once you have your flight plans set. 
  • Drive the 4-5 hours back to Salt Lake City Airport and sadly split up as a group.  BOOK FLIGHTS FOR AFTER 7PM ON THE LAST DAY OF WORKSHOP OR FOR THE DAY AFTER!
What do you bring?
Milky Way Photography is awesome but VERY COLD so come ready for it! This is what we recommend to take with you:
  • Camera and lenses, multiple batteries
  •  Tripod (REQUIRED!) make sure it is STURDY enough
  •  Lenses you need are anything from 8mm-30mm and with the largest aperture possible! f1.2 to f3.5 are great options! Bring your 50mm, and anything else you would like. Just don't forget your widest and largest aperture lenses at home!  
  •  Head lamp with a RED LIGHT and white light
  •  Really Warm outdoor clothing for staying warm during the coldest hours of night and standing in the wind! Snow pants are a fantastic option for keeping warm!
  •  Laptop for post-processing (Lightroom & Photoshop)
What else is there to know?
What is the plan for arriving and meeting up?
You need to line up a flight to Salt Lake City that gets you there LONG before 10am on Day 1. We will be available to pick up everyone the morning of our first day up until 10am. At 10am we meet as a full group, set our goals for this Adventure Workshop and start driving south to Goblin Valley!
Should I get a flight that lands the day before our Day 1 of the workshop?
If you are okay with paying for a hotel so you can already be on location by Day 1 without any trouble, then awesome! Please do! We will pick you up at your hotel on Day 1 and you will have no trouble meeting up with us! There are some really cheap Hotel prices at the Salt Lake Airport Hotels nearby.
What if my flight is delayed and I miss the 10am time?
You will have our phone numbers and you will need to update us. We will take everyone's flight information so we will know what to expect and can check on flight delays. But if we know nothing, haven't heard from you, it will be your responsibility to get yourself down to Goblin Valley to meet up with the group. We have all day before we do Milky Way Photography, so that won't be the worst thing ever. Just a car rental cost most likely. You shouldn't miss anything still. We just can't make the whole group wait for you beyond reason.
Are you excited to join Photog Adventures out at the Milky Way?!
Choose one of the dates above to join Photog Adventures' Brendon Porter & Aaron King for Milky Way!
Owochomo Bridge at Natural Bridges National Monument
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