MASTERING THE MILKY WAY: Star Tracker Equipment & Techniques with Eric Benedetti!
Learn Eric Benedetti's Techniques for Amazing Milky Way Detail & Color with Star Tracking Photography for $99!
This might be perfect for me, I was wanting to learn Star Tracking! What's included?
  •  RAW Replay Instant Access to RAW YouTube LIVE Replays from the April 21st LIVE Online Workshop
  •  Facebook Group Access to an exclusive Private Facebook Group with Eric Benedetti
  •  Polished Replay Polished & Edited Course Website that has the content broken up into segments
  •  PLUS MORE Instruction! We have filmed Eric do a more in-depth masking tutorial and will add other popular topics that we want to go even deeper on. Any additional content will be added to the workshop instruction at zero cost to you guys. There is even MORE to come!
What You Will Learn From The Online Workshop Replay
Segment #1: Eric's Recommended Gear for Star Tracking Photography
Learn from the Master of Star Tracker Milky Way Photography Eric Benedetti what gear to buy and why.
Segment #2: Setting up your Star Tracker & Best Practices Out in the Field
Watch Eric Benedetti walk us through his setup and learn what he does when out there under the stars to capture the Milky Way the awesome way he does it!
Segment #3: Post-Processing Techniques for Star Tracking Images 
Capturing the images is complex work but post-processing is even crazier. Learn from Eric Benedetti on how he does it so artfully and get a head start this Milky Way Season!
Access the Priceless Instruction from Eric Benedetti's Star Tracker Workshop!
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