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Designed for YOU!

This is an Online Course that comes with extra HAND-HOLDING STEPS that will help me know how well you are doing in the course. IF YOU HAVE ANY TROUBLE I will know it and am ready to help you 1-on-1 and MaryBeth Kiczenski is ready to help you during the LIVE DAY EVENT

When you finish this CRASH COURSE you will leave as someone who has MASTERED A SPECIFIC USE for ADOBE PHOTOSHOP! Whether you have any experience already with Photoshop, YOU WILL LEARN HOW to edit Star Tracked Milky Way Images with it!

Learn to Post-Process EXACTLY how MaryBeth Kiczenski does it!
We want you to come away from this with a PERFECT KNOWLEDGE of HOW TO EDIT a Star Tracked Milky Way using the method that MaryBeth uses. If for ANY REASON you feel that you have not learned how to do this on your own after the Live Event on January 22nd, let us know and we will issue a 100% REFUND!
  • Instant Access to Online Course Instruction of MaryBeth taking you through the entire editing process. Before we have the live event, you will go through her Online Instruction showing you how to edit in her method using IMAGE #1.
  • ​Step-by-step PDF so you can follow this process easily and repeat this in your own images over and over.
  • THREE Images to Practice on so that you not only KNOW WHAT THE STEPS ARE but can SHOW THAT YOU KNOW HOW to do it by actually making edits to her images!
  • ​1-on-1 Feedback from Aaron King on your edit of IMAGE #1. You will get the RAW files of THREE IMAGES from MaryBeth Kiczenski that she will use in her instruction. Practicing using her images will allow us to see how well you understand her process by comparing your edits to hers.
  • ​5.5 Hour Live Zoom Class on January 22nd to teach you the principles of EACH STEP of the editing process. This will be our chance to make sure that each and EVERY ONE OF YOU will go away from Jan. 22nd fully understanding this process.
  • ​Online LIFETIME access to replays of all instruction so you can watch again and again as needed to fully master Star Tracked Milky Way Post-Processing!
JAN. 22nd LIVE EVENT Schedule:
  • 3pm - 4pm | Review STUDENT IMAGES
  • 4pm - 6pm | MaryBeth walks through all post-processing steps editing IMAGE #3  
  • 6pm to 7:30pm | DINNER BREAK & Work on IMAGE #3 on your own
  • 7:30pm - 8pm | MaryBeth & Aaron Review some of the finished IMAGE #3
  • 8pm - 9pm | FINAL Q&A
  • 9pm - 10pm | Lesson emphasizing blending the SKY with the GROUND 

"Over the years of teaching at the NightScaper Conference, Out of Moab, Out of Chicago Online and through my own courses, ONE THING HAS ALWAYS BOTHERED ME: a nagging feeling that I just drowned my students in a firehose of information and they may or may not be any better at the skill I was trying to teach them! 

I hated that I never get a chance to SEE IF THEY CAN DO IT after my lesson! 

In this Star Tracked Milky Way Post-Processing Crash Course with the talented MaryBeth Kiczenski, I have designed the instruction to include as much hand-holding as I could scale en masse and allow me the confidence THAT YOU WILL LEARN THIS SKILL!

I am very excited to work with each and every one of you to get you to the point where you can edit in Photoshop after the exact method that MaryBeth uses in her amazing photography! 

Can't wait to get started!!!" 

- Aaron King | Photog Adventures
Questions? EMAIL me NOW
100% Money Back Guarantee! You Learn or We Don't Earn!
  • Immediate Access to Online Course Content
  • PDF with step-by-step instructions on the full process
  • Three Images from MaryBeth to practice on
  • 1-on-1 Feedback from Aaron King on your First Image
  • Live Event day with Image Feedback from MaryBeth & Aaron
what makes this different?
  • Online Instruction PLUS hand-holding! You won't have to rely on your skills of understanding an online video! Aaron King & MaryBeth will be present from the very beginning to make sure that you understand the step-by-step instruction!
  • You have to PROVE that you understand! With the three practice images that you submit to Aaron & MaryBeth, you will have a chance to PROVE that you understand her post-processing method and that will give us a chance to RESOLVE all of the speed bumps you may have along the way!
  • FOCUSED on ONE SKILL! Focusing this instruction on ONE SPECIFIC SKILL and NOTHING ELSE affords us the opportunity to guarantee that you come away with a new talent for Post-Processing Star Tracked Milky Way images.
  • LEARN IT or get your MONEY BACK! Unlike most online instruction and even with in-person photography conferences, we are going to CHECK and VERIFY that YOU UNDERSTAND and WILL BE ABLE TO DO THIS ON YOUR OWN by the end of the Live Event on January 22nd!! If you DO NOT LEARN and there is nothing we can do to get you there, you will get your money back. If you don't learn, we don't earn. Simple as that!

Is there an option where I can learn from MaryBeth without paying for the FULL COURSE?

YES! If you won't miss the extra hand-holding of the Image Review Feedback and the LIVE EVENT DAY then you can get the ONLINE ONLY option for just $97 where you can watch MaryBeth edit Image #1 and #2 and learn from Aaron's tip videos. Just a classic online course where you learn on your own at your speed. 

Should you decide that you wish you could be at a live event day, you have the option to sign up for one for just $47 more

See the video down below for more info:

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